The challenge:

  • Help a successful but little-known technology company make the transition from serving mostly military customers -- which had engendered a culture of secrecy -- to entering commercial markets and embracing higher visibility through expanded communications for thought leadership, corporate positioning and marketing.

Strategy and tactics:

  • Develop strong, simple messaging and materials about the company's commercial solutions, while maintaining confidentiality about the government solutions
  • Cultivate feature stories in the media about the company's evolution and technology breakthroughs
  • Launch social media accounts


  • Upgraded the website to feature more engaging photos and content, including a blog, "Fast Facts," and "Work and Play" pages to boost employee recruitment
  • Secured excellent articles by and about company executives in Florida Trend, Sun Sentinel, and Sat Magazine, among others
  • Developed industry followings on Linkedin and Twitter
  • Company is setting new records in revenues and employment