14 days may seem short to most, but my 14 days at DCC have been among the richest of my life.

DCC has shown me what it means to act as a truly trusted communications adviser. From DCC, I’ve acquired skills ranging from how best to pitch a story to how to efficiently gather every last pertinent contact for a media list.

Of the many lessons I’ve learned from my team, two resonated with me most.

Work hard.

Simple, right?

Well, not really.

I’ve always considered myself a hard worker, but I learned what it really meant to work hard when I walked into this building.

It takes determination, investment, interest and care to truly work hard.

Each and every team member at DCC possesses each of those qualities and demonstrates them all when dealing with clientele. Working with DCC, you only put forth your best.

Thanks to DCC, I know what a good work ethic truly looks like.


Never underestimate the power of small. This is perhaps my largest takeaway from my time here. Today, DCC is a 6-person firm, but they can do what few can. We’re a team here. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re a CEO, an intern, an associate - whoever you are - you work together.

As a 16-year-old, it isn’t every day that you find yourself in an executive business development meeting. At DCC, I was present in every meeting, because despite my age, despite my experience, I was part of the team.

DCC is not just any team. It’s a team of smart, talented, creative, assertive and collaborative individuals. We learn from one another, thrive off of one another, and work with one another. It is to this teamwork that DCC owes its success.

After just 14 days and 5 new people, I leave with one thing: