All of us at Dale Curtis Communications are pleased to introduce our totally refreshed company website,
In today’s Internet-centric communications environment, the importance of a well-crafted, responsive website cannot be overstated.  While every organization must engage its key audiences with an integrated array of written and visual communications, your website is likely to be viewed more frequently, by more people, than any other printed or electronic materials you may distribute.    
We’re also stepping up our commitment to sharing interesting content on our DCC Blog, including public relations best practices, client highlights, news from key industry sectors, and personal reflections. 
We’ll still provide the best of these items in our regular email newsletter, DCC Dispatch, to which you can subscribe by clicking here.
Our entire team pitched in on this effort over several months, with experience gained from helping clients produce many websites.  But special credit goes to our Graduate Fellow, Andrew Gagliano, whose website development experience helped accelerate our progress this summer. 
Please let us know your feedback and suggestions – and let us know if we can apply our expertise to helping your organization update your website.